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Help on Extending the Estimates Sample project

Question asked by DarrenHorsley on Sep 21, 2013
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Help on Extending the Estimates Sample project



     I'm new to filemaker and trying to create a work related onsite quoting project.  I'm basing my project from the default estimates project within filemaker.  I would like to extend the Estimate Cost portal by automating the input of new portal records based on buttons and checkboxes etc on various tabs within the same layout.
     The desired action i'm looking to implement is when a user clicks a button that is labelled "Remove Wall" and that button is somehow linked to a specific record within the products table.  On clicking this button (or checkbox), that associated product item is then added the Estimate Costs portal.
     My issue is my limited knowledge.  
     My question can be simplified to:
     1) how would i easily link a button or check box or calculated field to a specific "Product" record.
     2) How do you then take the data stored on that product record and populate the "Estimate Costs" portal.
     I hope you are able to help me with this problem.