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help on filtered drop down list

Question asked by robbbarbosa on Oct 2, 2009
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help on filtered drop down list




I have 3 tables: Country, Cities and Vendors.

The structure is:

Country - CountryID (autoserial) and Country (text, unique, required)


data example: cod01 - USA / cod02 - England


Cities - CityID (autoserial), Country (text, required) and City (text, required)


data example: cod01 - USA - New York / cod02 - USA - Miami / cod03 - England - London / cod04 - England - Liverpool


Vendors - VendorID (autoserial), Country (text, required), City (text, required) and Vendor (text, required)


I had done a layout to register vendors. I made a drop down for Country and another for City, and a text box to vendors.

What I want: for example if you select USA in the first drop down, in the second drop down (cities) you see only New York and Miami as options. If you select England, you see only London and Liverpool. I found how to do with a portal object but can't save a record this way.

Any suggestions. Sorry for poor english and thanks in advance.