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help on portals

Question asked by pizsella on May 23, 2010
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help on portals


Hi everybody ,

i am using FM11 trial version on a Mac and am developing a small CRM that suits my small business . I was using Bento but it's too limited for my needs.


I have a couple of questions on portals : 


I have a very simple table / form called Packing List where i record samples i send to customers. Inside this form i have placed a portal with two fields , Item code and description. 

Item code is a drop down list related to another table that contains the products code and description . When clicking on the portal field called ITEM CODE i can see the item codes stored in the related table , but i am unable to get the other field containing the description filled up.


The tables relationship is very elementar and looks like this : 



table table


 item ------------relationship------item 

customer                                       description


I apologise for the dumb question but it is probably about some setting i am not doing right.


Also , in this portal i want 'xy' lines containing items , that is , if i send 10 different items to a customer i have to register 10 lines , 1 item per line . This is something i cannot do now , i can only have the 1st clickable line in the portal , all other lines are empty and un-clickable.


A great thanks to everybody hoping for some help