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    help on portals



      help on portals


      Hi everybody ,

      i am using FM11 trial version on a Mac and am developing a small CRM that suits my small business . I was using Bento but it's too limited for my needs.


      I have a couple of questions on portals : 


      I have a very simple table / form called Packing List where i record samples i send to customers. Inside this form i have placed a portal with two fields , Item code and description. 

      Item code is a drop down list related to another table that contains the products code and description . When clicking on the portal field called ITEM CODE i can see the item codes stored in the related table , but i am unable to get the other field containing the description filled up.


      The tables relationship is very elementar and looks like this : 



      table table


       item ------------relationship------item 

      customer                                       description


      I apologise for the dumb question but it is probably about some setting i am not doing right.


      Also , in this portal i want 'xy' lines containing items , that is , if i send 10 different items to a customer i have to register 10 lines , 1 item per line . This is something i cannot do now , i can only have the 1st clickable line in the portal , all other lines are empty and un-clickable.


      A great thanks to everybody hoping for some help







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          What you describe is for all practical purposes an invoicing solution (with Packing List being the Invoice). You are missing a LineItems table - see the demo here:



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            thank you Comment for your help. I am now very close to make it work but there's still something not working: 


            i can now click on all the lines of the portal and enter records , but once i exit the field all the records in the portal show the same value ( same item code for first column and same description for the 2nd column) , although the items are correctly stored in the items table.


            thanks again



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              pizsella wrote:

              all the records in the portal show the same value

              Most likely you have the wrong fields in the portal.


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                how do i attach the file ? i would like to send you this DB so you can have a look. probably for you its a 10 seconds matter...


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                  You can verify very quickly if you have the correct fields in the portal ...


                  From layout mde, look at your portal table occurrence name (which shows on the bottom row of the portal).  Now select each field (one at a time) inside the portal ... double-click the field and read the table occurrence name in the Specify Field pop-up.  If they all match the portal table occurrence then you can upload your file to any free file sharing site and then post a link to it here and we'll take a look. :smileyhappy:

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                    thank you . i am getting quite frustrated :smileysad:


                    i have checked but found no evidence but consider i am a newby on Filemaker.


                    here is the link


                    as you can see when you click on the fields in the portal ( on the packing_list format )  no matter what value you select they all take the value of the first field.


                    thanks a lot



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                      OK, here's what I see as problems. The fields in the portal are not the problem, at least their assignation is not. But there are big problems with the fields you're using as the link for that portal's relationship.


                      1. In Corpo_plist, the link field is a repeating field; which is not terrible per se, but the relationship will only see the value in the 1st repeat. Repeating fields are not very suitable for data, and almost never for relationships (never seen it before).


                      2. In the parent table, Packing List, the field being used as the originating side of the portal is defined as a Lookup. It is (supposedly) looking up data from the field which is the target of the relationship, in Corpo_plist. This just makes no sense, and will not happen anyway, as there's nothing to trigger it (entering data into a child table does not trigger a lookup in the parent).


                      3. The target field in Corpo_list (codice articolo) is also a lookup, based on a relationship using itself to a 3rd table. This also makes little sense, especially as the portal's relationship (targeting codice articolo) has [x] Allow creation of related records. 


                      Basically, there is a misunderstanding of relationships and lookups. But since I don't know what the data is, I can't say what it should be.

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                        thanks for your comments. I will have a thorough look from scratch. In the various attempts i did i think i have created some mess around.


                        thanks a lot again.