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    Help on sort



      Help on sort



      I would like to index the data in the field and sort according to that Index. Is that even possible here?

      To clarify, I have a field called job position. I need Dean to be 1, Chair to be 2, Faculty to be 3, Part time faculty to be 4 and so on. So now when I sort by job position I do not want it to sort based on the string value in the field but rather than the index value.

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          There are two ways to get that result. Which works best will depend on the number of such name to number pairings that you need.

          a) you can set up a custom value list where you list Dean, Chair, Faculty, Part time faculty... as values in the value list. When sorting these records, you can specify a custom sort order and refer to the value list to get this order.

          b) you can use the text to link your records to an index table by the text fields. The index table would have one record for each title and a number field that specifies the order. You can then use sort records to sort your records and specify the number field from the related table.