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    help on table setup



      help on table setup


      I am having trouble or am not sure if I have setup my tables correctly. I am on a learning curve coming from using access to trying to use filemaker.


      Anyway.... here is my setup.

      I have a database where we will be building a product and we want to track the items used to build the product and track the price... plus track the time spent building it and the cost of the labor. 


      I have my tables as:

      Device tbl

      Employee tbl

      Labor category tbl 

      Components tbl

      Component type tbl

      Vendor tbl

      Container tbl


      Now since I will have many to many relationships with some of these tables I created tbls for the many to many relationships. and they are as follows

      1) ComponentType_Component tbl (joins the components with the type that they are because many components can be a few different type)

      2) Component_DeviceTbl (joins the components that are in each device because there are many components that can be in many different devices)

      3)  Component_vendor tbl (because one component we can purchase from many different vendors, depending on who has the better deal)

      4) Device _ Employee tbl (I am not sure if I need this table because only one employee will be building a device, but will have many different devices for the one employee).

      5) ccontainer_device tbl (this because a device can have many different containers used in it and a container can be in many different devices).

      6) Vendor _ containers (because we can have multiple vendors to a container, and a vendor can have multiple containers.)



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          Thank you for your post.


          Your tables sound fine.  You understand many-to-many relationships, so I don't see a problem.


          When you are defining relationships, just make sure you connect the appropriate "key" fields.  If you run into any difficulty, feel free to post again, and either myself or others will help.



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