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help on table setup

Question asked by sweetcuda on Jan 27, 2009
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help on table setup


I am having trouble or am not sure if I have setup my tables correctly. I am on a learning curve coming from using access to trying to use filemaker.


Anyway.... here is my setup.

I have a database where we will be building a product and we want to track the items used to build the product and track the price... plus track the time spent building it and the cost of the labor. 


I have my tables as:

Device tbl

Employee tbl

Labor category tbl 

Components tbl

Component type tbl

Vendor tbl

Container tbl


Now since I will have many to many relationships with some of these tables I created tbls for the many to many relationships. and they are as follows

1) ComponentType_Component tbl (joins the components with the type that they are because many components can be a few different type)

2) Component_DeviceTbl (joins the components that are in each device because there are many components that can be in many different devices)

3)  Component_vendor tbl (because one component we can purchase from many different vendors, depending on who has the better deal)

4) Device _ Employee tbl (I am not sure if I need this table because only one employee will be building a device, but will have many different devices for the one employee).

5) ccontainer_device tbl (this because a device can have many different containers used in it and a container can be in many different devices).

6) Vendor _ containers (because we can have multiple vendors to a container, and a vendor can have multiple containers.)