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Help on taking attendance using FM Pro

Question asked by GuyStevens on Sep 9, 2012
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Help on taking attendance using FM Pro


Question sent to me by user: "Kathy"

So there are around 450 students, and the only data that we keep on the database is their 
first/last names, their student id, and their school user ID. Example:
First name: Iron
Last name: Man
Student ID (always a 7-digit number): 5555555
School ID: ironman7

The barcodes would be created from their school ID. 

The classes are a bit more complicated. For now there are only about 5 classes for which this 
system would be used, but we are looking for a long-term solution to taking attendance so more 
classes would most likely be added as time goes on. 
Each class is going to be held at multiple locations at the same time, and each class might be 
held on several different dates. 
For instance:
Class: Learning to make an Iron Man suit - 10:30am, 8 locations
Class: Learning to fly with a suit - 2pm, 6 locations
Class: Limitations of the Iron Man suit - 4pm, 1 location

Dates for the classes:
10/9, 11/3, 12/3

This is what the requestor of this application sent me:
"So, the student shows up on (for example) October 9th and goes to the 10:30am and 2pm sessions. 
Their barcode/QR is scanned at the door for each session, and then loaded into a FileMaker file 
(that should delineate the day and time). 
Then, in the evening I can go into the file and run a list of all students who check-in at the 
10:30 session or the 2pm session.
It would be nice to run the report either by specific time or click and select all times, two 
times, three times, etc."

Does this make the project any clearer? I'm sorry I'm probably being unclear. Because I am just 
an assistant I'm actually not in close touch with the requestor, which makes this pretty 
frustrating on my part.

Thank you for your help!