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Help on what would be the best approach to start my first project

Question asked by Elvis on Oct 13, 2013


Help on what would be the best approach to start my first project


     Hi I'm new to file maker and working on my first project and need some help on what would be the best approach to start.

     Goals to the achieve using file maker:

     To track orders and progress of all orders in different stages of production
     To able to generate reports showing time frame of orders in each stage of production
     To able to generate total sales and individual client sales reports for any given period
     To able to track if vouchers were used when an order was placed
     To able to track upgrades of products( to able to know what upgrades sell better and sales it generates).
     To track inventory of materials used in production and when materials need to be restocked.

     I receive an hourly report with complete order details in single HTML or TXT files generated by the system. My probable approach would be a master table in file maker which can automatically import all data from a hot folder. I then can segregate the data in the respective tables like customer, order, product, status etc.

     I would like to mention is my current HTML or TXT data generates each customer an ID No. and order No. automatically. Repeat customer have the same ID, But I would also like to add some orders manually and this may require a workaround as they cannot clash with the auto generated HTML ID's.

     I would appreciate advise on how best to approach they project.

     Thank you in advance.