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    Help Parsing List



      Help Parsing List


      I have a list made up of four fields seperated by commas. Sometimes the third field is empty sometimes the fourth field is empty. Sometimes both.

      To parse field three  when field four is empty  RP,RUSH & PERSONAL SERVICE ONLY,$75.00,

      I'm using  MiddleValues ( Substitute ( ClientServiceFees::List ; "," ; "¶" );3;$i )

      For field four:: AW15,WITNESS FEE,,15

      I'm using RightValues ( Substitute (ClientServiceFees::List ; "," ; "¶" ) ;1)

      The blank fields are throwing a monkey wrench in the parsing and appear to be making field four fillin with field three's value when it should be blank and field three fillin with field four's value when it should be blank.

      I would appreciate some insight and help in solving this problem.

      Thanks in advance.