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Help please

Question asked by MatteoRizzetta on Jan 25, 2011
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Help please


So I was up late the other night updating my terminolgy on a few of the templates in FM pro 8.

I decided to add a password finally.  I have been meaning to do it.  Now that I have 700 files etc.

So i went up to the top and found change password.  Now I have never had one so I left the old password blank and typed in a new one.

(i have tried getting in leaving it blank already)  Then I typed in the new password.  then again.  I close it out and go back in.  It asks me for my password now.  The damn thing will not open.  I emailed FM to no avail.  This is really affecting my business.  I can't get in to send proposal or contract or to find if I have a date available or print send email any of my stuff. 

Somebody please help me.

On eother thing.  This might not apply.  I swithced to mac and had the genius bar put FM pro 8 from my pc onto my mac.