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    Help please



      Help please


      So I was up late the other night updating my terminolgy on a few of the templates in FM pro 8.

      I decided to add a password finally.  I have been meaning to do it.  Now that I have 700 files etc.

      So i went up to the top and found change password.  Now I have never had one so I left the old password blank and typed in a new one.

      (i have tried getting in leaving it blank already)  Then I typed in the new password.  then again.  I close it out and go back in.  It asks me for my password now.  The damn thing will not open.  I emailed FM to no avail.  This is really affecting my business.  I can't get in to send proposal or contract or to find if I have a date available or print send email any of my stuff. 

      Somebody please help me.

      On eother thing.  This might not apply.  I swithced to mac and had the genius bar put FM pro 8 from my pc onto my mac.

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          Make sure that you enter the same account name as you did originally. FileMaker enters your user name as the default, so if you switched computers, you may find that your system is automatically entering a different user name as the default account name.

          Make sure that your password is being entered with the same capitalization as you did when you changed your password. Passwords are case sensitive.

          One more case study in why you should make frequent back up copies. If you made a back up copy just before you made this change, you could always toss the copy you can't open and revert to the back up.