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Help please - Customer Referral Counter

Question asked by DanielMitchell on Dec 23, 2013
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Help please - Customer Referral Counter


     I have just started learning to use filemaker 12 and thus far have been able to follow many guides on certain database developments and have as such learned the basics.

     My intent is to build a "Service Manager" application, which will incorporate the following (to start with) one module at a time, with the intent of combining them into the final product which will serve many business (Computer Sales and Repair)

  •           Contacts manager ( Names, addresses, numbers, email fields, customer type - business, consumer, charity etc)
  •           Systems manager ( type of device, specification, serial numbers, photo's and so forth)
  •           Services and Repairs (repairs that have taken place, parts used, technician who completed work)

     I am currently working on the Contacts manager component, and thus far am happy with the results, where I am stuck though is with regard to referrals.

     At the bottom of the contact record is a drop down from which I can select the name of a current customer to show that he has referred the customer whose contact details are being viewed.  This name is pulled from c_NameFull from the table "contacts".  This part works fine, but I would like to see a count of how many customers have been referred to me by customer  whose card I am working on, displayed in the header of the contact card as "Referrals Made: XX" where XX is the count.

     I hope this is explanation enough?

     I have a ReferralCount field in my Contacts table, I am guessing that it needs to be a calculation field but cannot work out the calculation required.

     Any help would be greatly appreciated.