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Help Please - Pop-up Menu

Question asked by spinny on Mar 16, 2010
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Help Please - Pop-up Menu & Searching Across Multiple Tables




I am a Field Hockey Coach who is trying to create a recruiting database.  I have a fair bit of experience in Access but am using Filemaker Pro for the 1st time.  I have managed to set the database up but have run into two problems.


1. All of the data we receive is given in excel formats with 15 preset fields.  The problem is that we attend 15-20 tournaments every year and some of the recruits are at 10+ of these tournaments.  Is there a way I can set a layout up that it will search across 15-20 tables within my database.  At the moment I have set up a main screen so it shows an individual player with all their evaluations from every tournament but I cant get it to look at every table to search for recruits.  I have created a table for each tournament within the database.


2. When I am recruiting at a tournament I would like to have a screen with 2 pup-up menu's on it so I can select the 2 teams that I am watching.  Is this possible?  I cant seem to figure out how to run a report based on selecting a team name on a pop-up menu.


I am using FM Pro Advanced V10 on a Mac running 10.6.2 and as mentioned earlier am a complete novice on this.