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Help Please Automatic fill of multiple fields

Question asked by JohnPowers on Sep 8, 2014
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Help Please Automatic fill of multiple fields


I'm trying to find an easy way to accomplish the following task: auto fill records using a unique identifier

We have been organizing reagents in a freezer to easly find them and know when to replace them.

I have the database laid out as such:

if a freezer has 8,000 spots I have a blank record associated for each spot. I alredady have 8000 records made just no data.

Each box in the freezer has 100 spots for samples  fields id these spost so row/column/box (ie box 1 row 2 column 3) so feasibly we have 8 boxes for the freezer.

I've created scripts that automatically fill in fields when they are next to each other (cloning data from one record to the next one) that are associated to contents of that box... a reagent name... a catalog number and date obtained being a few. I want to be able to type in a catalog # and have my other fields fill in. So for instance catalog # 4, for example, is always associated with the same company and same reagent but I have multiple locations for it that are not next to each other. I end up having to constantly retype the info each time.

I think I need to make a seperate table with all the catalog numbers and company name and reagents assocuiated but what I cannot figure out is how to associate the catalog # to multiple fields in one table to repopulate my other table.

Any thoughts



I've made several different scripts that copy contents from one field of a record  They ID spots that are open in our