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    HELP Please: Autofill in FileMaker Pro 13



      HELP Please: Autofill in FileMaker Pro 13


      Aloha! I'm completely new to FileMaker Pro; out of necessity, to work on a project for work using a Mac, I have just switched to this database program, while being used to using Microsoft Access (apparently, Access does not work on Mac…)

      So far it seems wonderful, with lots to offer in terms of layout, specifically… and with me having a much wider learning curve! Access is very simple, no fuss/bells/whistles, so with FMP I am stuck on something probably very mediocre: PLEASE HELP ME to understand how I can apply auto-fill! I have looked over countless tutorials and still cannot figure out how to enable auto-fill (the function that Excel and Access have, that I am used to and really have become reliant on when inputting hundreds of data!).

      I'd like to clarify exactly what I mean: I am entering data from an event earlier this year. There are 7 fields, 6 of which have data that recur (though not consistently, so that I cannot just set for Autofill: "Value from last visited record". So for instance, I have the field "School Site", and 27 schools that participated in the event. I'd like to be able to just type in, for example: "Kaand have "Kamehameha" pop-up. Likewise with the 5 other (6/7 of my fields) I'd like to be able to type in just a character or two, and for "it" to auto-fill.  This is something I'm sure most people are familiar with in Excel. Is this possible? How can I ease my data-entry?!?! Much mahalo in advance for your help!






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          In FileMaker, this is called "auto-complete" and it's an option that you can set for a text field in the Inspector.

          You can either set a text field to auto-complete from all the values of all the records in your table or you can format this field with a value list and set the value list format to auto-complete from all the values in the value list.

          But there are limitations. You can't for example, set up a number field to auto-complete and this includes a number field formatted with a two part value list that shows names and enters ID numbers--which is a very commonly used value list in FileMaker.

          But there are ways around that limitation so that you can auto-complete on a name and yet be entering (and linking to related records) by an ID rather than a (possibly non unique) name.

          You may find "Adventures in FileMaking #2 - Enhanced Value Selection" to be a useful source of ideas.

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            PhilModJunk: I'm sorry that I don't find the response above very helpful. But, it seems like you know a lot about this program. Could you re-read my original post? It seems that there's a disconnect from your advice and my question. Or maybe I wasn't clear. If anyone else has any feedback, thank you very much in advance!

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              Please specify how it failed to help you.

              Your original post seemed very clear to me, but lacking in a crucial detail: Are you entering text into an edit box formatted field or a field formatted with a drop down list? Both can be set to auto-complete.

              If you start entering the letters: Ap, you want it to automatically fill in with a complete word from some other source producing a word such as "Apple" to "auto-fill" the field with data from either the same table or a value list. (You don't specify in your post.)

              You also haven't indicated whether you want to be simply entering text into a text field or selecting from a value list when this "auto-fill" that is Called auto-complete in FileMaker and is sometimes referred to as "Clairvoyance" takes place.

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                Sarah, Phil's solution sounds exactly like what you need.  The first option - to set the field to auto complete using the value of all previous records will do exactly what you asked in your original post.

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                  Thank you, both! Phil: I appreciate your response, and upon a second (ehh, maybe third) reading it actually made sense to me. I'm sorry that I didn't understand at first--I'm sure you meant to be very simple, but for simpler people still (me, essentially!) it still looked complex. Mark: your chiming in helped me even further. And to be honest, I had just about had it and called technical support who also explained the super simple way to accomplish what I needed to. So how many times does it take for a tech-un-savvy person to figure out a simple command???--3 repetitive times!!! Mahalo nui loa!