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Help populating purchase form line items

Question asked by RebeccaWilson on May 16, 2013
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Help populating purchase form line items


     Okay, thanks in advance for the help!

     Here's what I'm working with and trying to wrap my head around. First off, I have quite a few years of database design experience but am a Filemaker newbie. We have a company that I am trying to streamline our data entry system using FileMaker Pro 12. The way it works is somewhat like this: We have Clients who will carry only certain items we sell. They might order items every week, but we only bill them once a month. Those "purchase orders" we call "Service Forms". So a CUSTOMER may have many SERVICE FORMS, and an INVOICE may be based on the info in many SERVICE FORMS.

     Where I'm confused:

     1. How do I go about displaying in a layout ONLY the items each customer can order, with the information? I have a join table for Customer Products, it's just that the logic of this is eluding me. Please see the attached ERD sample for my tables and relationships.

     2. Also, will I need more than one instance of a particular table? If someone sees a better way to structure this, I'm open to suggestions!

     Thanks everyone for any suggestions you might have to get this working!