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HELP Regarding Script

Question asked by AbdoulBaldé on Jan 7, 2014
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HELP Regarding Script



     I have a layout (LAYOUT A)on which I have individual buttons set up. Each button is supposed to open a new window that will show the information of another Layout (LAYOUT B). I created this script:


     - New window (Style: floating Document)

     - Go To Layout (TABLE B)

     - Set Field (TABLE B:: Fiche_ID; Get (ScriptParameter))

     My issue is that each Button on Layout A which has a different  and unique ScriptParameter DOES not go to the associated Fiche_ID using the Fiche_ID Parameter even though It does Open the new window and goes to Layout B. 


What am I missing ? 

     I tried adding the following steps  After The Last step in the above script (SET Field...)BUT TO NO AVAIL:

     - Enter Find Mode (Pause)

     - Set error capture (On)

     -- Perform Find

     -If (not Get(FoundCount))

          Show All records

          Commit records

     - End If 


     Could you please Help.