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Question asked by latifejabary on Oct 3, 2011
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i'm a new user of file maker pro and want to design a database for abstracting my these's data.

I have lots of articles that should enter their data to these database,there are groups od data,

A)publishing data  which includes articles title ,authors,year...

B )epidemiologic data: this part includes information about measures they are measures in each articles,

Each measures have some charecters,such as measures type,mean,....

I design two tables,one for  publishing data and another one for epidemiologic data,

And define a relationship between them(you knoe each article may have more than one measurs);

In tab designing, i design a tab include publishing data feilds,and another one for epidemiologic  table’s feilds;

But i need to define a buttom for “add mesures”  & “remove measures” in epidemiologic tab.(you know each article may have more than one measures),

can you help me write the scripts of these buttoms???????????