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Help Request: Barcode Scripting

Question asked by jordanwayne on Oct 31, 2013
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Help Request: Barcode Scripting


     Hey everyone. I'm making a simple check in check out where students can "scan device, scan student ID (checked out) then scan device to check back in" database. So I have my device list set up and my student list filled out and I'm able to manually click check out and select a student. Where I'm stuck is with the scripting portion of barcode scanning. I have a basic keyboard input scanner atm. I feel like I'm trying to read greek however when I jump into the script section. The workflow I would like from a script or a few scripts is:

     Upon Device Barcode Scan > Search for and load Asset ID

     (if checked in display message "Waiting for Student ID")

     (if currently checked out, check in device)


     Upon Student ID scan > asset check out, select student, return to asset device screen, loop for next device scan


     I can provide more info if you guys need or share the database, I really need to get past this hurdle, thanks in advance