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Help required with a complicated calculation regarding PDFs

Question asked by Goldfish on Mar 12, 2010
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Help required with a complicated calculation regarding PDFs


I am a new user to Filemaker, currently using version 8.5 so I apologise if none of this makes sense!


We are designing a database to pull in a maximum of 10 different PDF files into 10 different fields in each record.  There are 500 records.  The calculation we have written looks to specified folders on our server and populates these fields with specific PDF files that we have asked filemaker to find.  The result, filemaker displays adobe's standarised shortcut icon for PDFs in each field.  The calculation works perfectly, when you click a shortcut in a field it opens on screen that particular file for that record. 


 "file:/P:/DATABASE/Filemaker Database/" & INDEX_Serial No & "/" & INDEX_Serial No & "_SS_02.pdf"


THE PROBLEM!!!  The issue with the above calculation is that it still displays a PDF shortcut icon even if the PDF file the calculation is looking for does not exist.  Consequently, all 10 fields on each record display a shortcut to a PDF even if there are only 3 PDFs in the folder and not 10.


Can I add to the existing calculation above and ask Filemaker to display the words "Empty" if a specific PDF file cannot be found? All the fields look full at the moment and that is not true.


Crickey I hope that all makes sense.  Any help is really appreciated; I have spent hours trying to sort it out and another hour writing this.