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    Help Set Variable ...



      Help Set Variable ...


           Hi , 

           I am really new to FMP 13

           I wonder if someone can help me to figure how to put the TEXT in a Layout like in the picture I attached, by SET VARIABLE.

           I want to put it appear on the screen (print text on layout). 


           Can I make a script single script to get all those data or I need to make every single variable ?


           Please help my seniors.


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               I don't see from the information in your original post why you need Set Variable in a script or any variable at all.

               A table like display of data is typically displayed from fields in a table. the rows might represent a found set of records with each row a record or the rows could be related records in a portal. They can also be set of fields all from the same record.

               Exactly what are you trying to accomplish with this variable?

               Are you trying to take data from one of these fields and copy it to a variable?

               IF so, what happens next once you have set a variable to that value?

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                 Hello Phil, 

                 Thanks for the reply. I am just trying to display the value from the field from the first record and last record, just need to show the value as a text not an edit box. 


                 When I set the variable I will able to see the value from the field on the Started on ( first record ) and the Last Entry (last record), for all the field as needed on the image. 


                 Can you please help me ?


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                   Use List view to view your record and limit your found set to a single record.

                   Of course this then prevents other controls such as the "book control" in the upper left corner of the status area tool bar. You can regain that functionality by adding buttons with scripts that bring up the next or previous record and then isolate it in a found set of one record.

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                     Thanks for the follow up. 

                     My concept is :

                     1. The Layout is like just a main panel to look at the data.

                     2. Wish I can put the datas as a variable and showed in the screen as in the image. The closest way may be variable as I read in the help. <<$$data1>> , then get the records as I wanted. 


                     Is it imposible or what ?


                     By the way, I really appreciate it. Hope you can teach me.

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                       Is this the only way to get some calculated or scripted text in the filemaker ?

                       Set Variable [<variable name> {[<repetition number>]}; Value:<value or formula>]