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    Help setting up TimeClock solution



      Help setting up TimeClock solution


      I need to build a database that can be accessed on Filemaker Go to Clock employees in and out of various job sites.

      The job Foremen will have an ipad with FMGO and they will need to clock in/out each employee as they arrive and leave. Preferably by selecting the person from a drop down menu, job from a drop down menu and hitting a button to clock in which makes a new record for his/her time at that job.

      Where Im having trouble is to be able to select from menus, I need an open record "entry". But then I need the clock in button script to find out what those selections are and make a new record based on them.

      Whats the best way to do this?

      Thanks for your help :)

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          How much experience do you have creating scripts in FileMaker. I suspect that you have limited experience in that. If so, you may want to study up on scripting via a training tutorial or book on the subject. We'll be glad to help, but the added training will help you fill in background info and get you up and running much quicker.

          Selecting data from a drop down will put that data in a field. Your script can then refer to that field in order to use the data selected in that field. There are many, many steps that do this in different ways so it's hard to be specific. If can check the value of a field. Set Field, can change it. Just to name two examples.