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    Help to alter my conditional value list



      Help to alter my conditional value list


           I’m trying to change my conditional value list that I have set up so instead of pulling out the values from 1 table to have them come from multiply tables.

           My conditional value list right now is showing information about fabric, leather, lining, yarn etc… 

           When I First Choose which kind of material and then all the material name available are listed.

           The only problem is that It can get quite confusing with all the fabrics, linings and leather records in one table. So I want to have different tables for Fabric, leather, yarn etc… and then tie them all together in one conditional value list.

           Just not sure how to approach this at all..?


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               I think using multiple tables as sources of data for the same value list may be pretty difficult to do. The only way I can think of that might work would be to use ExecuteSQL to pull the data from multiple tables and that trades one level of confusion and complexity (the single table) for another (Using SQL for this).

               As confusing as you find it to have all of this data in one table, I think that will be less complicated and easier to manage than trying to get your conditional value list to pull data from multiple tables. Setting up a better interface for managing this single table for multiple fabric types may be an option to consider here.