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    help to change data on another table via relationship



      help to change data on another table via relationship


      This is probably something very easy, but can't get it to work.  


      I have 2 tables, one called timeline the other contingencies and they are joined by escrowid. I create a record on timeline and have a portal on this layout for contingencies where I use drop downs to choose the appropriate contingency and create/delete records in this portal as necessary.  Relationship works fine, but if I enter the escrow number on the timeline layout and lets say I've added all these contingencies within the portal to then later find out I mistyped the escrow number and now need to change it, it doesn't reflect the change on the aleady created records in the contingency table.  So, I'm trying to figure out how to change the escrowid field on timeline and have it update the already associated contingencies.  I have to be careful in using scripts because I then sync this database with FMTouch and not all scripts are supported.  Thanks for your help.

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          Forgot to mention, using Filemaker 11 Pro Advanced and I'm a newbie.

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            The answer is to not use EscrowID as your key to link your two tables.


            Define an auto entered serial number in timeline and link it to a number field in  contingencies.


            Keep your EscrowID number in Timeline (I assume this number comes from outside the database). You can place this field on your contingencies layout if you need it there.


            Now, updating an EscrowID won't break your links as it isn't part of them.

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              Thank you Phil, this worked perfectly and I'm glad it was something so simple.  Thank you again.

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                     Hello, Im trying to create a Service oridented database at the moment locally. Im having trouble determining how I should setup the relationships between my tables I have. Two tables are needed to keep constant entries one for instant response and the other for scheduled response. The third table is a fixed table with information that will rarely change. Like driver id number and driver name and so on... With the separated data tables I am using when I try to set a field to use the table it is always greyed out. But when I set a relationship it seems to provide me witht the wrong data. What am I doing wrong? Here is an example: Item:1 Driver#:10 DriverName:Tonia PUD:123 this street, this town, hi DOA:Walmart FARE:$10

                     I am having problems knowing how to I guess set a relationship that binds the driver name, number, and fare for that trip to a field in the list/portal view and in my browse view when I just try to set the driver and number alone. Could you please advise?

                     here is some info for you to have better understanding. Here is a form sample.

                     RunCount     Driver#     DriverName    Pickup Address     DropOff Address     phonenumber accountname CashFare CreditFare TimeCall

                     1                31            Mike             123 Aberdeen st   321 Yoda st           4438078177  Ikea              $10.00   $00.00       No

                     2                10            Tonia            435 Flank St         943 Chimp St         4432162837  Catholic Chrty $00.00   $25.00       Yes

                     TotalRuns                                                                                                                                     TotalCash TotalCredit

                     2                                                                                                                                                $10.00   $25.00

                     In Summary here is what Im looking at I wanted to do a driver Fare Summary based on runs per driver. But, I as stated am still having problems with just simple assignment tasks like if i click a drop list for driver 31 it wont change the other field which if I pick the name Mike to mike. I also would like to understand how to make an inserted entry if like my timecall option yes or no is selected which are the only 2 options have it added to my timecall data table which is the other of the updating databases. understand? Please Advise. Thank you so much for your help in advance...