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Help to Concatenate name

Question asked by hanstrager on Jan 7, 2013
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Help to Concatenate name


     I have a problem with combining some info into a field.

     I have different product which is described by a lot of different properties, name, width, length, color and a few extra things that is specific to a few products but not neccesarily to every product.

     I have a table, where I have different conditional value lists and other value lists, where these products are being "made/specified" with the help of these different valuelists. Then I need to combine all the selected info into one field, so I can use the product in another value list in another table. so I might fx. have a name product called

     RIRI, M8, 25cm, Green, Fintail, Openended

     and another one called

     YKK, M8, 25cm, Green, Openended

     My problem is when I try to make a calculated field to bring all these values together the ones that fx dosen't have one of the proberties chosen is left with a ", ," inbetween and I wonder if there's a way so if a certain category is untouched the "," dosen't show up..?

     soo instead of : YKK, M8, 25cm, Green, , Openended     it becomes     YKK, M8, 25cm, Green, Openended

     everything sofar is done with a basic calculation in a calculation field like:

     Zip_Category  &", "&  Zip_Size   & ", " &  Zip_Length   & ", " &  Zip_opening   & ", " &  Zip_Color