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Help to create a Conditional layout...

Question asked by hanstrager on Mar 1, 2014
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Help to create a Conditional layout...


     I have a small database, where I create technical files for garments. Which i want to expand slightly.

     When you're making technical descriptions for garments it's important to meassure all seems to specify for the seamstress's how long each seam should for the final garments. So For fx. a pant, You need to measurre the waist, outside leg, inside leg etc... A dress: neck circumference, side, back etc... Jacket: sleeve, back etc... Basically each type of Garment has different things you need to be measure. So I can't just have one layout. I somehow need to be able to have a Value list where I can choose the different types of garment types, and then pull up the right layout and fill them out, but still keep each 'meassure' record specific to 1 specific garment record.

     I'm not 100% sure how to approach this..? or if it's possible at all.