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    Help to integrate calendar to medical database



      Help to integrate calendar to medical database



           I have a small DB in an early stage of development, but I need to integrate with a working and web calendar to book patient visits.


           So, anyone can help me ?

           the files are: the dabase patiens itself and two possibilities ( seedcode) and an old CCcalendar I found elsewhere.


           the relationships are pretty basic I just don't have the skill needed to put all together .

           the files will be at a link in dropbox because it seems they aren't  allowed here.







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               For starters, go to the third file in your posted links.  Make backups of your database first.

               If you have FM Pro Advanced you can do the following:

               In that file is Under layout is "Calendar & Docs"  To the right is "Support & Documentation" that explains how to import all layouts, files, scripts, etc, and what changes to make  (there's also support).  It appears for a fee, you can upgrade to include all your contacts.  However, after you import everything you can link your clients as a fk & and put a field into the calendar--so when you make a new appointment you can select the client.  You can also put a button (make new appointment) and use their script to take you to the calendar and start a new appointment. 

               You'll also need to go to the "relationships" tab in File>Manage>Database to connect all the databases.

               If you don't have FM Pro Advance, the support page also offers an option to do this for you.  Don't know if it's free or pay.

               After all that, come back, ask questions,  and the super experienced  will help you even more.

               Dont forget, make backups, so as you progress, if you go way off course you don't have to start from the beginning

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                 You might also examine this much simpler calendar demo file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/e8d03xvwe8vtz85/Calendar.fp7

                 It can easily be converted to FMP 12 format and while it does not have all the bells and whistles of the SeedCode Calendar, it also has a much simpler design and thus you may have less trouble integrating it with your existing database.

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                   Hi Grover,

                   Like I told you adding a calendar might be pretty tricky. Maybe you can get away with using a list view grouped by day or week.

                   The big question is: what are the rules of making an appointment? Or how does this work?

                   Do you have fixed time slots? Or do you manulally decide how much time an appointment will take?

                   I recently made a little example for a booking system but that was for a harbor where boats could park in a Berth ( aboat parking space if you will). And then there needed to be a system to check which berths were available etc.

                   It's kind of similar to what you want to make. But still a little different as well.

                   Here is the example file:


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                     I think the easiest way is to first create pre-determined time slots. For instance 15 minute time slots between a certain time on the morning and a certain time in the evening.

                     Then you can see all the available slots and "book" one if you want.

                     Then you'll get a good overview of available slots.

                     But I don't know if this will work for you or not. Maybe your times may vary. Then it will become a little bit trickier to see the available times.

                     In your private message you talk about three different agenda's. Do you mean that at any given time three people can come? Or is it three different kinds of appointments but only one person at a time?

                     Let me know a little more and I'll see if I can't help you out with a little more practical advice.

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                       Let's try to explain a little bit

                       Here I have 3 rooms : one for consultations ( visits) one for an neuro-exam called EEG ( made by one technician) - and another to EMG ( electromyography). made by another technician)

                       The actual scenario would be:

                       a patient book an appointment whith  the doctor (visits) , or with EEG ( exam 1), or with  EMG (exam 2) 

                       so in practical terms this means three different schedules or agendas with completely different time slots.

                       So, I completely agree with you that a prefixed allocation of time slots will not work.

                       I will take a closer look in your example but it seems that this could fit almost perfectly with few alterations.

                       Thanks for your interest and cooperation



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                         Hi, DaSaint


                         I checked out you example and this would fit almost with no modifications if three agendas will be available !!!

                         perhaps just a matter of creating 3 categories of visits in the table vist itself ?

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                           Here's what I think:

                           Create one table for visits and like you said create a category field that's either:

                           - Visit
                           - EEG
                           - EMG

                           Put this in a list view with subsummary part per week and day.

                           On the top put three buttons to show:
                           - Show Visits
                           - Show EEG
                           - Show EMG

                           So you can more easily see what times are available etc.

                           Use conditional formatting to give each category it's own color.

                           Then on the patient layout create three buttons:

                           - Shedule Visit
                           - Shedule EEG
                           - Shedule EMG

                           When you click this button you arrive at the same list layout but it only shows sheduled visits for the category you selected.

                           Next to every day you have a button that says: "Shedule Visit"
                           When you click it a visit can be entered, a start and end time can be set and the chosen category is automatically entered.

                           You can even run a check that sees if there are any conflicts.

                           Sounds like a plan?

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                             Sounds great , just a question

                             in the table visit , I have a field for date and hour

                             so each individual visit ( or emg or eeg) has its own id

                             that seems obvious to track past visits but how to book new visits ? 

                             I mean how to know if there isn't a conflict of hours or dates ?

                             ( how the technique do you would use in this case ?) 


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                               Hey Grover

                               I would create it just like I explained it in my previous post.

                               Create a button that takes you to the list vie and shows you all appointments of the selected category.

                               I made a quick and simple example of my idea:


                               If you shedule an appointment it get's made on the day you selected, but you can always change the date.

                               The difficulty is that you manually have to check whether there is room for an appointment or not. If you would have pre-created time slots then you could more easily see whether if they are already filled or not.

                               But I think this system might work as well.

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                                 Hi, DaSaint


                                 Just great ! This what I need ! 

                                 How do I change the filed  c_DayName so ir display weekday in portuguese rather than english.

                                 I understand that is a calculation field which  under "storage option for the filed - in fiel definitions" the default language is english

                                 what I changed to portuguese closed the file reopened it but with changes ( alas the same problem with seed code calendar which have a field exactly as yours.



                                 Great Job 

                                 ( almost finished pre alfa version - soon wiil be available) 

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                                   I think the language is based off the language settings of your computer.

                                   So if your computer is set in English it will display in English etc.

                                   But I'm not sure, I could be mistaken.

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                                     I will investigate this tonight but my computer settings already are in portuguese.

                                     So it's filemaker itself.  Sure there are others issues

                                     Let's see what could be,

                                     I will inform you


                                     thank you


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                                       IF a calculation field is defined to return text, changing the computer or FIleMaker language settings will not change the text returned by that calculation field, you'd need to find that field and alter its defined calculation in order to return the correct text in the correct language.

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                                         Hi, Da Saint and PhilModjunk

                                         Thank you for your contribution, I think I have found the answer:

                                         1- the field is a date calculation i.e       c_DayName=DayName ( Date )

                                         I looked to my settings ( which were in portuguese) and could not find what the problem was.


                                         From filemaker help

                                    A cloned database file inherits the system formats of the first operating system it is opened on.


                                         To change your system formats:
                                         Windows Vista and Windows XP: Use the Regional and Language Options control panel or the Date and Time control panel.
                                         Mac OS: Use the International System Preference.
                                         Click System’s settings to use the new settings when you reopen the file.
                                         No way because already was in portuguese
                                         I made a clone (empty)  database and reopened it - voilá ! It worked like a charm :)
                                         Thank you Guys
                                         Let's continue I am almost there
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