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Help to set a script with conditional parameters

Question asked by hanstrager on Jun 28, 2014
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Help to set a script with conditional parameters


     I've slowly been working on expanding my small database, which has ended up, in me having to manually navigate between a lot of different print layouts, which just isn't effective anymore. My Database holds technical information about making garments.

     I've placed 3 different radio button sets in different tables, to break down and categorize my garments, which acts as switches so you can switch between different needs.

     Switch1: Selects the type of garment. Whether its 'WOVEN' or 'KNIT'

     Switch2: Selects what stage the garment is in: 'SAMPLING', 'PRE PRODUCTION' or 'PRODUCTION'

     Switch3: Selects how many technical pictures i need to attached: '0PIC', '1PIC' or '4PICS'

     Based on the settings of the above 3 switches i need to print a specific layout. I've attahced a small tree diagram to illustrate what I'm trying to do.

     Fx. Switch1 = Woven and Switch2 = Pre production and Switch3 = 4pics then i need to go to 'Layout C'

     just not sure how to approach all these parameters and how to do it most effective.