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Help to set up a 'Master slave'...

Question asked by hanstrager on May 17, 2014
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Help to set up a 'Master slave'...


     I have a problem, I seem not to be able to solve and not sure what I'm doing wrong.

     I have a database, which makes technical descriptions for garments. My problem is when it comes to make washing instructions for the garments. You need to compare the different washing instructions for each fabric which are specific to each garment.

     I have been looking into PhilModJunk's tutorial: and Guy Steven tutorial on youtube:

     So far I have the table 'TECHNICAL SHEET 2' Which is table for the specific garment.

     Then I have 'Fabrics' which is my table for fabrics, which are chosen chosen for the specific garment in 'TECHNICAL SHEET 2'

     Last I have 'Washing instructions' which is my table where I have the washing instruction icons, which is chosen for the specific fabric in my Fabrics table.

     I need to have a print layout where I can print all my garments in my database - each garment separate, with their specific fabrics and the fabric's specific washing instruction icons.

     Sofar I have a layout in list view based on TECHNICAL SHEET 2 with a portal showing all my fabric specific to a garment (portal1). 2 other portals (Portal 2+3) which should first show first wash instruction icon, and then the 2nd wash instruction icon specific to the fabric.

     Portal 1 is showing related records from 'Line Items Fabric' and has a button on it (When everything is working I hope to loose this button so everything will go automatically) with the following script attached:

     Set Field[TECHNICAL SHEET2::Selected Children; Line Items Fabric::FabricID_FK]

     Commit Records/Requests[]

     Portal 2+3 are showing related records from Line Items Fabric and has a container field Selected granchildren::Icon - which is the picture of the washing icon.

     When i push the 'test' button nothing happens in portal 2 or portal 3, but my Selected Children field shows different numbers according to the fabric...

     What am I doing wrong..?