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Help to set up script for delete button in Portal...

Question asked by hanstrager on Jan 4, 2013
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Help to set up script for delete button in Portal...


     I have a portal, where I have button that adds records into the portal. I've tried to make a button that will delete a record in the portal. I've been lucky enough to get some help allready with some script that should be attached to a button and it should delete a record, but it dosen't seem to work for me, im quite new to filemaker, and scripting is absolutely not my strong side... Help please... the script is as follows, and I have activated "allow deletion of portal records" in the portal setup:

     Set Variable [ $RowExists; Value:GetValue ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; 1 ) ]
     Set Variable [ $Label; Value:GetValue ( Get ( ScriptParameter ) ; 2 ) ]
     If [ $RowExists ]
     #Highlight the portal row to be deleted.
     Go to Portal Row [ Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber ) ]
     [ Select; No dialog ]
     #Confirm that button was not clicked by mistake.
     Show Custom Dialog [ Title: "Confirm Row #" & Get ( ActivePortalRowNumber ) & " Deletion"; Message: "Delete " & $Label
     & "?"; Buttons: “Cancel”, “OK” ]
     If [ Get ( LastMessageChoice ) = 2 /* OK was clicked */ ]
     Delete Portal Row
     [ No dialog ]
     #Commit releases the focus from the portal row so that it no longer is highlighted.
     Commit Records/Requests
     End If
     End If
     #Created by Phil Caulkins