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Help to sort out navigation between records

Question asked by hanstrager on Jan 16, 2013
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Help to sort out navigation between records


     I have a bit of a navigation problem in my database.

     So far I’m only navigating with the search function, and I suspect it to be a much easier solution.

     I have a lot of different garments (max 36) all with unique style numbers and names (style number is not done with auto enter serial, though every record also has an auto entered serial no). I was thinking it’s possible to have a dropdown list where I can choose each record from, and then it will take me to that record..? Every record in the dropdown list much be sorted, first by style number and then by name, is that a possility..?

     The menu needs to be dynamic so when I add or delete a record the menu will accordingly…

     Is there a chance that this is possible at all? Or do anyone have another idea to approach this…?