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Help trimming blank from phone number field

Question asked by john.s on Jul 9, 2015
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Help trimming blank from phone number field



I have an Auto-enter Calculation field for Phone number that looks like this

 "(" &                                                                // start with an open paren sign
Left ( Filter ( Self; "0123456789" ); 3) &           // fix the area code
") " &                                                                 //finish area code with close paren sign and a space
Middle ( Filter (Self; "0123456789") ; 4; 3) &    //fix the exchange
"-" &                                                                  //insert a hyphen
Middle (Filter (Self; "0123456789" ); 7; 4)        //the last 4 digits

If an operator just enters spaces I want to trim them so the field is blank again...I'm at a loss as how to do that.  I've tied the trim function in a variety of ways but obviously am doing something wrong.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.