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Help Trying to Create an Effective Find Feature

Question asked by MichaelO'Halloran on Jun 24, 2012
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Help Trying to Create an Effective Find Feature



I am very new to Filemaker. I am trying to create a simple but effective database for my local sports club, who run a small lottery as their only source of funding the club.

For past number of years the lottery is managed by physically examining tickets to see if any person matched 4 numbers and the bonus number.

I have managed to create a database that enables a persons name and numbers to be inputed. Each number is assigned its own field, 5 fields in total. I need to be able to create a find script that will search the five fields to see it any person won the jackpot or matched 3 numbers and the bonus or justed matched 3 numbers.

The script whould first have to ask what the winning numbers are before the find can be preformed.

I dont know if this can be done in filemaker. It is certainly beyound my capability, but I hope somebody may have come accross this situation before or have a better idea in dealing with the issue.

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