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Help us decide on upgrade path

Question asked by on Apr 27, 2010


Help us decide on upgrade path




We are currently using FileMaker 8.5 (FileMaker Server and FileMaker Pro, and FileMaker Pro Advanced) on a PC system with a PC file server (running Windows Server 2003, and running Windows XP on the workstations) we are a volunteer group and we are registering a large number of members for a yearly event.


We are looking for a way to speed up registration and are looking at getting FileMaker version 11 and either an Apple server and iMac workstations or a PC server and PC workstations. We are wondering if we will speed up registering over the network using the Apple computers or should we buy new PC's; as there is a larger cost initially to the Apple system. We understand that are other advantages to the Apple system such as more dependable. (We do not have a backup computer if one breaks down we have a serious problem.


We know that FileMaker is owned wholly or partially by Apple and think that we may be better off with the Apple computers.


Please your thoughts on upgrading will be much appreciated as being a volunteer group we do not have a budget to hire a computer consultant.


Thanks for your help in advance.