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Help w/ script

Question asked by jmoorma2 on Jun 9, 2010
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Help w/ script


Ok, so I am attempting to get this script to work and have no idea where I am going wrong. I have FileMaker Pro 10 (so I don't think I have the debugger tool...but if I do point me there!) and working on Windows XP.


Here is the script (I have shortened it some)


Go to Layout ["Daily Delinquency Report" (6-SCHEDULE)]

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [6-SCHEDULE::Prelim ECS Due_Determine Theme Topic; "<=" & Get(CurrentDate)]

Set Field [ROUTING by Product Code::Prelim ECS Actual; "="]

Set Field [Publications by Product Code Calc::Product Type; "Ad; Bind-in; Cat; Cat Kit; Cat Insert; Cat Leaflet; Mag-S; S-S; S-P; eLetter; ePattern; H-C; H-W"

Set Field [Publications by Product Code Calc::OnSale Date; "≥"& Get(CurrentDate)]

New Record/Request


(this repeats with different items being refferenced in place of the Prelim ECS Due_Determine Theme Topic field)


Ending of script is:

Set Field [Publications by Product Code Calc::OnSale date; "≥"& Get(CurrentDate)]

Perform Find []

Sort Records [Restore; No dialog]

Enter Browse Mode[]



If you need anymore information please let me know and thanks in advance!