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Help w/ search script...

Question asked by Rackman on Nov 17, 2009
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Help w/ search script...


I have a little search script I use to find records due for follow up.


The problem I'm having with it is if I perform the search and no records meet the search criteria, it brings me back to record number 1 of my 2600+ records database.


I'd like to know if there is a way to modify the script so that if no records match the search criteria, I'm just returned to the record I was last on when I started the search.


Here's the script...


Set Error Capture [On] 

Enter Find Mode []

Set Field [IFO Contact Management::Assigned Broker::; IFO Contact Management::gAccount Name]

Insert Text [Select; IFO Contact Management::FollowUp;"<=//"]

Perform Find[]

If [Get ( FoundCount ) = 0]

   Show Custom Dialog ["No Records Found"; "No records were found for the current user."]

   Go to Layout [original layout]

   Show All Records

End If

Sort Records [Restore; No dialog]




TIA for any help with this!