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    Help Why I can not edit the field in a Layout



      Help Why I can not edit the field in a Layout


      We are using Filemaker pro 10


      We have used the following script to create a new window to allow the users to edit the data. It was working fine. It is still same script, but it not working now. The user can not change the data in the layout. I could not figure out why. Please help. Thanks in advance.


      Set Variable [ $$People_ID; Value:GetValue(Get ( ScriptParameter );1)

      /* SPECIFY OBJECT */

      /* File¶Layout¶Tab¶Object¶User*/ ]

      Set Field [ DB_USS__User_Sessions~TOG::kPeople_ID_Edit~gt; $$People_ID ]

      # CREATE New Window

      New Window [ Name: "Edit Person" ]


      Allow User Abort [ Off ]

      Show/Hide Status Area

      [ Lock; Hide ]

      Go to Layout [ “Task001_HW_Person~Edit” (DB_USS__User_Sessions~TOG) ]

      Refresh Window

      Perform Script [ “Global_Window_Size_Find” ]

      # Put the script into a loop to restrict action only to the buttons on the layout.


      Pause/Resume Script [ Indefinitely ]

      End Loop

      # ALLOW the user to abort the script

      Allow User Abort [ On ]