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    help with  open script needed



      help with  open script needed


      hello, i  would like some help with creating a script to take one user to a specific layout and all other users to another layout. Here is a script i created. it "somewhat" works, meaning that i get the same result for all users. It  takes me to the correct layout for one user but the other layout for all other users dont work. Here is the script:-


      Go to Layout [ "ALL PASSENGERS" (BORDER) ]
      If [ Get ( AccountName )="carbonj" ]
      Go to Layout [ "VISAS" (BORDER) ]
      End If


      Can anyone assist please?

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          Hi shivnarine


          Do your users all have separate accounts setup in Accounts and Privileges, or are you trying to use the user name from the Preference options?


          If so then you want to use Get ( UserName ) = "carbonj" instead.


          I hope this helps

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            Hi Orlando,

            Greetings, and thanks for your reply. I have my users setup under accounts and previlidges. it just doesnt seem to work, and im a newbie to file maker. Well it works sometimes it seems....Im really not sure what is happening.....any other suggestions?

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                 The script you are running seems fine, so double check the value of Get ( AccountName ) when the user you are targeing logs in. Set up a temporary calculation and double check the value against your script.


              Or at the emd of the script include a Show Custom Dialog step and have the Get ( AccountName ) in the message to see the value.


              Let me know how you get on.