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Help With "OnLayoutEnter" Triggered Script

Question asked by AdamQuintero on Mar 25, 2014
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Help With "OnLayoutEnter" Triggered Script



     I am attempting to use a script that's triggered by "OnLayoutEnter" on a layout with a portal whose table is "MedicalRecord". I'm using a Find step to go to the correct "MedicalRecord", and Go To Portal Row(Select,First) to bring the first row into active state. The Find appears to work, but the first portal row just flashes the active state appearance and then inactive. I admit I'm new to Filemaker Pro, and I'm seeking some much needed guidance.

     Here is the "OnLayoutEnter" script I have so far:


           Freeze Window


          Set Error Capture[On]


          Perform Find[Restore]


          If[ Get(LastError) > 0 ]


          End IF


          Set Error Capture[Off]


          Go to Portal Row[Select;First]


          Refresh Window[Flush Joined Cache Results]

     Any suggestions are appreciated. Thank you.