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Help with "triggering"  related records into a Portal

Question asked by Guy on Feb 20, 2009
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Help with "triggering"  related records into a Portal


I'd be glad of help with this Portal trigger issue.
Using FM9
One file for sport league.
Three relevant tables 
Game Schedule

Layout is just that. A layout that contains one field called Division
PLUS two portals. One portal to the Div/Teams table and one to Game Schedule.
All the relationships appear to be set up OK......
On Layout the field Division-- is a value list that lists the Divisions in a sports league. Selecting a division from the VL (eg. Div 1, Div 2, Div 3) delivers the teams in that division to the portal Teams in Division. (Between 8-12 teams per Division.)

Using these team names as a button/trigger I want to now choose any one of the teams in the portal (Teams in Division) and have that teams schedule of games show up in the Portal Game Schedule.

In the Schedule table my match field to any team name will be a calculated field called game. How do I script this (I would attach to team name) to have the selected team's list of game records show up in this Schedule portal.

Help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!