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Help with (probably) simple relational db

Question asked by DanielPinder on Aug 13, 2011
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Help with (probably) simple relational db


I need an idea for a database architecture that I'm sure you brilliant people can help guide me toward.

I don't yet have the brain to figure it out by myself, as I'm still figuring out the relationship thing in FMP. Below is a simplified version of what I'm trying to build:


1. The main table would track song titles. There would be one record per song.

2. For each song, I need to track the length of time each instrument plays, so for example, for song #3, I need to enter the length of the piano (0:41), bass (1:03), guitar (0:45) & drums (1:32).

3. I would prefer each instrument to be it's own record in a related table. This way, with each project I can add as many instruments as I need without having to create loads of specific fields.

4. Every time I add a new instrument record, it adds itself to the list in my data entry layout. Portal perhaps?

5. All instruments should be totalled somewhere so that for one project I can see the total mm:ss each instrument takes up.


Here's a visual mock-up of what I'm after. THANKS for your help: