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Help with .fm file please

Question asked by ctate on Mar 13, 2010
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Help with .fm file please


I have a friend who created a database some years ago on an old Windows 98 laptop. The file/database involved a lot of work at the time and now needs more records added. It was created, I think, in an early version of filemaker as it has the extension .FM.


Although I have retrieved the file containing the records, we do not have any installation disks and the original program remains on the old laptop.


My friend wants me to transfer the program from the old windows 98 laptop to a slighter 'newer' laptop with Windows XP. However, in the absence of the installation disk or the program I am at a bit of a loss as to what to do. Even if there is a way of getting the thing working on the XP laptop I fear he is using redundant technology.


I wonder, first, is there a way of transfering the old program to the new machine (there is only a floppy drive on the old machine. There is a usb drive too but it is so old my memory stick won't work in it). Second, perhaps more importantly, is there a way the data in the old file could be imported into a newer, more up to date, program - perhaps even a newer version of filemaker itself?


I hope this is enough information. We are in the UK.