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    Help with a Calculating Field



      Help with a Calculating Field


      I have a very simple database which presently has only one table. This is a database of blank minidiscs. One of the fields in a record has the size of the digital media. There are three different sizes. A single record will have the number of discs of a specific size and specific brand. I have an additional field in which I would like to place the total number of discs of a specific size.

      I'm having trouble determining the proper code for this calculating field.

      I presently have the following code: If ( Minidisc Size = 74 ; Sum ( Minidisc Count ) ; 0 ). All this does is place the value of Minidisc Count for that record in the sum for that size.

      I've used GetSummary(Minidisc Count) to get a total of all minidiscs.

      Any help appreciated.

      Thanks in advance.

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          "This is a database of blank minidiscs."

          Hi Kevin,

          This is a Products table.  You should have one record per product.  And since you sell and price differently per size, you should one record PER SIZE (or three records in this case).  In this way, the quantity applies to that specific size and counts are simple matter using a summary field on the quantity.  If you leave it all in a single field, you will need 3 fields for the size, 3 fields for the quantity, 3 fields to summarize and so forth.  That type of structure is a dead-end.