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Help with a Calculating Field

Question asked by KevinSiddons on May 18, 2011
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Help with a Calculating Field


I have a very simple database which presently has only one table. This is a database of blank minidiscs. One of the fields in a record has the size of the digital media. There are three different sizes. A single record will have the number of discs of a specific size and specific brand. I have an additional field in which I would like to place the total number of discs of a specific size.

I'm having trouble determining the proper code for this calculating field.

I presently have the following code: If ( Minidisc Size = 74 ; Sum ( Minidisc Count ) ; 0 ). All this does is place the value of Minidisc Count for that record in the sum for that size.

I've used GetSummary(Minidisc Count) to get a total of all minidiscs.

Any help appreciated.

Thanks in advance.