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Help with a Calculation for a Portal Record Set

Question asked by shae1725 on Nov 27, 2013
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Help with a Calculation for a Portal Record Set


     Hoping Some one can help! I have an idea how to achieve what I need but have found others who help on the forum build much smaller less cumbersome calculations than me! Hope Im explaining what a need clear enough.

     I have a portal set to show 10 rows. if the portal has for example 21 records

     I have a field gRecordSet which when "1" is entered the portal shows record 1-10     "2" 11-20    "3" 21

     I want to set the gRecordSet field not to go over the needed record sets of 10  ie if 21  records then gRecordSet only goes up to 3



     If Child::PortalSum <= 10 and >= 1

        Set field    Parent::gRecordSet    "1"  (no other value can be added)

     If  Child::PortalSum > 10

         Child::PortalSum / 10

         average to nearest 1+                      (ie if portal sum = 21 / 10 = 2.1   result =3)


          field    Parent::gRecordSet         ( ie  field must only have numbers 1 2 or 3 to be able to be entered)