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Help with a Case calculation

Question asked by ChristianPinzon on Jun 6, 2012
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Help with a Case calculation


Hi Im wondering if some one could help me... I have a field calculation with the following:

Case ( _fkNoFactura ≤ 236  ; Producto ProPlan::Precio sugerido publico ; _fkNoFactura > 236 ; Producto ProPlan::Precio sugerido publico 1jun2012 )

But what I really want is that the test part may be than when the number of _fkNoFactura is between 0 and 236 then the result would be Producto ProPlan::Precio sugerido pubilco, but I just don´t know how I should write that... I´ve tried 0<_fkNoFactura ≤ 236 but it doesnt work, also I´ve tried _fkNoFactura ≤ 236 & 0 >_fkNoFactura and it doesnt work.

By the way if also some one can explain me how can I put into a Case test to look up between one date and aonther, I will appreciate so much