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    Help with a Chart



      Help with a Chart


      Hi, I have a databse that I use for medical research.. I have several fields in the form of checkboxes that try to caputure the presence or absence of several diseases (Hypertension, diabetes), when checked it means the person has the disease.  I wanted to chart the percentage of presence of the disease and I have not been able to figure this one out... 


      Thanks for your help

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          Please describe your check box fields. Do you have one field for each check box or multiple checkboxes with each field?

          Chances are that you need to create a related table with one related record for each disease that is identified. Then your charting can be based on the table or related records by counting the number of records for each disease.

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            Thanks for the quick response... 

            I have on field per checkbox...any chance you could point me to a demo or example of a working FMP database that has this? I am kind of a newbie.  Thanks

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              Not really, but setting up a related table like this can be very similar to a sales invoice. You select a different diseases from a drop down in a portal to a related table much like you would select products sold in the line items portal of an invoice:


              Patient::PatientID = Diseases::PatientID

              Enable "Allow Creation of records via this relationship" for the Diseases table in this relationship. You'd use a portal to Diseases on your Patient layout with a text field formatted as a drop down list of Disease names. If a patient has both hypertension and diabetes, you'd select Hypertension in one row of this portal and diabetes in a second row.

              Then a layout based on the Diseases table can be used for a pie chart of the percentages of each identified disease.

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                I will give it a try... thanks for your help

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                  well gave it a try... read about relationships still cant figure out how to set this up... would there be any way for you to email an example ? I know its alot to ask but this is an important part of my database.  thanks

                  email carrieta17@gmail.com

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                    Hi with your last message something clicked.. dont know why because you were very specific with your first post : ) it works now i think that my issue was how to set up a pie graph... any way thanks for your help Cool

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                      Do you need help with setting up the pie chart? Now that you have data in a table where you can sort and count records, The steps for setting up a chart for it are pretty straightforward.