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help with a conditional value list

Question asked by MilkoMigneco on Sep 2, 2014
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help with a conditional value list


Hello Everyone

I am new to the forum, am looking for some help trying to figure out how to approach a new layout for my database.

Have a table with a lot of items already categorized, the item has a SKU, the brand, the name and a brief description. Each item has 3 categories, (3 levels). The item technical description are on a separate table, this table has the SKU, the description name and the description value.



SKU: 001

Brand: ISCAR

Name: End mill tool holder

Category_1: Cutting Tools

Category_2: Milling

Category_3: Tool Holder


SKU: 001

Description name: Tool Length

Description value: 3"


Description name: Spindle type

Description value: BT40

The categories have been put together in 3 tables, (Category 1, 2 and 3), each category have a Category ID and a Parent ID, (for example, Category name on 1st level has an ID, while Category name on 2nd level have the ID from the parent of level 1 and the ID from its own level). I did it this way because I considered it would be easier to include new categories and subcategories.

What I want is to be able to fill a portal based on the items I have selecting the 3 category levels for each item, every single item has been categorized under the 3 level scheme, even if so far it seems that a 4th or 5th level is not needed it would be great to make the process "expandable".

I have been trying every solution I have found on the forum and the internet under "conditional value list" and "dynamic value list" as well without any good result. Any feedback will be really appreciated.