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Help with a container export script

Question asked by MarcMcCall on May 24, 2012
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Help with a container export script


Hey guy,


Here's another question for the FM experts on here..  I want to export a photo as a place holder for parts I have not photographed yet.  Here is my thought, unless someone has a better idea.  I want to set up a global container with the image that I will use for all of my place holder temporary photos.  What my plan would be is when I need to upload some parts to my website, I will be in a found set of records.  I will export the parts to an XLS file, then upload the photos.  I'm thinking of a script that takes the sku_item_code and adds it to the global containers file name which would be _400x400.jpg  My photo naming structure always follows that structure.  "HEP20146_400x400.jpg"  and so on.


So my thought are if I name the photo in the container _400x400.jpg, I can sipmly add the sku_item_code to the front of the file name on export and the photo will be associated corectly on the website, till I have time to import the final one after it is photographed..  I would need a script to loop through a found count of records.


Thanx in advance for any help and sugestions.