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Help with a drop down list query/script?

Question asked by BrianClemens on Aug 19, 2011
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Help with a drop down list query/script?


I am working on a dealer/product database.


I have (60) dealers.  For each dealer there is a "shipped Date" and a "sold date" for cars, lets say.

For each dealer I want to show a report...

In stock: shipped date is there, but sold date is empty, below that (sub report I assume)

Sold: Shipped date is there & sold date is there.  I think I can get that far with queries.

My question is, I'd like to have a drop down box somewhere so I can select each dealer and their corresponding data comes up.  Can I do a drop down box script? where when I select dealer "ABC" it shows the data that containts their name?  And then If I select another dealer the data changes?  I'd rather not do a layout for each dealer, I just want the data to change.