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Help with a formula

Question asked by fmpro_novice on Mar 4, 2014
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Help with a formula


     I have 4 records listed in a portal. And each of those records has a field called "Number." As an example, those "Numbers" are 4, 8, 2, 12 (but will be totally random).

     I need a formula that would put the lowest number of the four, which in this case is 2, and change it to 0.

     Then, take the four and change it to 2, the 8 and change it to 6, and the 12 and change it to 10.

     So the original "Number" which was the lowest of the four went from 2 to 0. So the other three numbers need to be reduced by 2 also. Whatever the lowest number happens to be, whatever takes that number to zero, then the other 3 numbers would be subtracted that number.

     Does this make sense to anyone besides me? And if so, what would such a formula look like?