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Help with a Join relationship and Portal

Question asked by JoshHyman on Jun 9, 2011
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Help with a Join relationship and Portal


Hi there folks,

This problem seems to be getting the best of me any help is appreciated.

I have two tables Performers and Rehearsals and I have a Layout that is drawn from the Rehearsals table with a portal show records from the Performers Table.

I have created a join table called Rehearsals by performers where I have the id field for perofrmers name and the Id field for Rehearsal number showing up.

My qyestion is in two parts.

1. When i create a new record in the Rehearsal layout I want the the portal to Performers to show all performer names when the record is created as Each performer can be in every rehearsal, I then want the user to be able to click a radio button that creates a record in the Rehearsal by performers table that has the following information: Performer name, Rehearsal number, Rehearsal Date, Rehearsal Time, and a calculation field that shows the number of minutes late a performer is.

I am having trouble getting all the performers names to show up when I create a new record.

2. The calculation field is also a little tricky for me I want the reslut to be in whiole minutes I am currently using (Get(currenttime) - Rehearsal start time)/3600 but it does not display the correct result.

any help would be greatly appreciated.