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Help with a Loop in script

Question asked by shae1725 on Nov 24, 2013
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Help with a Loop in script


     I'm trying to set a variable from a portal field (Portal A)  and set another portals (Portal B)  fields contents with the variable, run a script, wait 10 secs

     Then return to (Portal A) go to next record and repeat until all Portal A records used!


     I use the loop feature a lot but I think this one is more than my basic scripting skills can deal with!

     Any help would be appreciated


     go to object "Portal A"

     go to Portal Row "First"

     Set Variable (GetActivePortalRow) $$r

     Set Variable Field::A  $A


         go to object "Portal B"

         go to Portal Row  "First"

         Set  Portal_2_Field::A  $A

         RUN SCRIPT X

         Pause Current Script 10 sec

         go to object "Portal A"

         go to Portal Row $$r + 1

         Set Variable Field::A  $A

         Set Variable (GetActivePortalRow) $$r

     End Loop